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[PHP 7.2] My fix for «Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in vendor/lexik/maintenance-bundle/Listener/MaintenanceListener.php on line 180» 3 December 31, 2017
How to fix «running full reindexation of search index» / «Value must be a number» on `app/console oro:platform:update --env=prod --force`? 2 December 31, 2017
[PHP 7.2] My fix for «Invalid configuration for path "monolog.handlers.fingers_crossed": Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable» 3 December 31, 2017
The documentation wrongly says that the WSEE header lifetime is 300 seconds, but really it is 3600 seconds 3 June 2, 2017
Security issue: the API keys are stored in the database as a plain text and are used without a salt 2 June 1, 2017
The field name's validator's messsage «This value should contain only alphabetic symbols, underscore and numbers» is semantically wrong because it does not mention that it is forbidden to start a name with an underscore 2 May 25, 2017
The last breadcrumb is wrong for a custom entity's form 1 May 29, 2017
The calendar's year selection is uncomfortable because the recent years are at the farthest distance from the cursor 1 May 29, 2017
A dropdown's autocomplete does not suggest the items matched the phrase's end or middle 1 May 29, 2017
Bug: «Cannot access protected property Extend\Entity\<entity>::<deleted field>» at Oro/Bundle/EntityBundle/Provider/EntityNameProvider.php line 211 1 May 26, 2017
Bug: if an entity's field is named as «name», and another field of the same entity has the «Select» type, then the entity's grid mistakenly shows the values of the «Select» field's column instead of the «name» field's column 2 May 25, 2017